Children's summer camp

"The Little Prince's Journey - What Your Heart Says"

"I wonder," he said, "do the stars shine so that everyone can find their own someday?" (excerpt from the book "The Little Prince").

Have you ever raised your head to the sky and gazed lovingly at the stars, sparkling like billions of tiny diamonds? Do you remember what you felt at that time and what that moment meant to you?

"Stars mean different things to people. For some - the travelers - the stars show the way. For others, they are just small lights. Still others - scientists - food for thought. They were gold to my entrepreneur. But the stars are mute to these people. And your stars will be special...

- What are you trying to say?

– When you look up at the sky at night, just because I'm going to live in one of them and laugh in one of them, it will look like all the stars are laughing. Only you alone will have stars that know how to laugh!" (excerpt from the book "The Little Prince").

All children are unique and special in their own way. We believe that everyone should find and follow their "own star", so we invite the little prince to our camp, guided by his wisdom, we encourage children to bravely walk the path of childhood, always listen to their hearts, be friendly, creative and love what they do.

During the camp, children will have interesting and engaging activities that will help them express themselves, creatively look at various situations, learn new things and make friends! We will spend each day meaningfully, we will have many thematic activities, we will spend time discussing the day and expressing our feelings. After all, expressing what is in the heart is extremely significant, because "the most important things are invisible to the eye."

Nowadays, most children spend their free time in front of smart devices, communicate little with each other, and choose computer games instead of playing with friends. In our camp, we will spend time without phones, we will encourage lively communication and mutual communication. The camp is especially relevant for modest, timid children, because during it the leaders will help them get to know others, start conversations, find common topics, encourage and support them. Our guides speak Lithuanian, English and Russian, so every child will be able to feel free and communicate!

We invite you to register for the summer camp!

Camp dates: 2024

• June 24 – 29d. (Aukštadvaris);

• August 19 – 24 d. (Šventoji).

Children's age: 7-14 years.

The price of the camp is 350 EUR. Discounts are available for families registering two or more children for the camp.

(for the first registrants, we apply a special discount - 320 EUR)

At our "Little Prince" camp, children can expect:

• Creative workshops;

• Drawing on faces and colored tattoos;

• Active sports, logical games, contests;

• Street dance lessons; Team tasks;

• Outdoor games, relays, square, volleyball, football and other games;

• Acting lessons;

• Music, soap bubbles, disco, karaoke;

• Water battles, swimming;

• Movie night, popcorn;

• Cooking;

• Hot tub.

Without a doubt, every day we will embark on new experiences for entertainment: we will explore nature, swim, organize discos, have picnics, cook our own food and that's not all.

The camp is a great opportunity for children to take a break from the normal rhythm of life, relax, and make new friends!


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phone: +370 66254595

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