We are a new non-formal education company. We work privately, under individual activity agreements with groups of children.

We are looking for teachers of foreign languages ​​(Italian, English, Spanish, French) and other fields with higher education. The foreign language beginners program is designed for children who have not yet started learning a foreign language or are at A1, A2 and B1 levels:
• Starter Part I, Part II;
• Elementary Part I, Part II;
• Pre-Intermediate Part I, Part II.

Estimated number of hours: 2 hours. per week / 8 p.m. per month for a group.

Groups of 3-4 children are planned.

Classes are divided by age groups.

In each group - no more than 10-12 pupils in one session.

The price of an academic hour is 15-20 Euros.

Employment requirements:

• motivational letter;

• application for participation in the interview;

• a copy of an identity document;

• a copy of the educational document;

• curriculum vitae (CV);

• for the interview, the applicant may also provide the additional documents approving their advantages (a copy of the document confirming the qualification, recommendations from the previous jobs, documents confirming the pedagogical experience);

• Eligible applicants will be notified in person by telephone and invited for an interview;

• If you are interested in any current position and comply with the above- mentioned, contact us:

Contact phone, +37066254595

e-mail: geducation.lt@gmail.com


Do not hesitate to contact us!

We will introduce you with our activities more detaily and will answer your questions.